Heritage Pointe of Warren Calling All Prayer Warriors

Heritage Pointe of Warren Calling All Prayer Warriors

 Calling All Prayer Warriors

Heritage Pointe of Warren would like to invite all friends, family, community members, staff and residents to join together to cover our community in prayer.  We currently do not have any cases of COVID-19, and we want our campus to remain free from illness.  As so many other healthcare communities and hospitals have done, our goal is to physically surround our buildings and fill our campus driveways and parking lots with prayer warriors.

Friday, May 1st, please arrive at the Heritage Pointe of Warren campus at 1:30pm.  Please do NOT block any emergency exits and maintain social distancing.  There will be a shift change during this time for staff; please maintain social distance even as you support these workers.  Attendees are asked to remain in their vehicles during this time of prayer; main building residents have been asked to please stay inside or close to the main building.  Please do not attempt to visit with your loved ones in-person at this time.  Our strict social distancing has helped us to remain well; this is not the time to end those precautions.

Families and the community members may bring posters to display or place a blue heart in their vehicle windows.  This will show support of healthcare (blue) and for your loved ones and our community as a whole.  You may also turn on your hazard lights as a sign of solidarity in praying with us.

Heritage Pointe of Warren chaplains will lead a prayer service during this time of prayer in the Applegate Chapel.  Ginny Soultz will open in prayer, followed by additional words of encouragement from Gerald Moreland and Dick Case.  Those within our main building may watch the service on our closed circuit Channel 63.  For those joining from the Towne Homes, Villas and community, please find us on Facebook Live at 1:30 by searching for “Heritage Pointe of Warren” in Facebook, if you do not already follow our page.

To help spread the word, tune in to WBCL during the week as they will mention our scheduled time of prayer on-air.  Also, feel free to share our Facebook post or live event with loved ones who cannot physically join us that day.  Our community believes in the power of prayer.  We cannot see into the future to know when this illness and current restrictions might end, but we know who holds that future.

Some specifics for which you can pray: our residents and their family members, staff, strength and comfort, clarity & wisdom for administration in their decision making, protection and health for the entire community, loneliness and depression and end to this virus.  If you know someone by name, pray for that person.  The sincerity of our hearts is more important than the words.

Please set aside this hour, from 1:30-2:30 on Friday, May 1st to make our campus overflow with prayer warriors.  May God continue to bless Heritage Pointe Communities and the strength, history and power of community they represent.